Miranda Lambert kicks ass and takes names during ‘Little Red Wagon’ Grammys performance

Miranda Lambert Grammy awards

Miranda Lambert had a pretty good night on Sunday, taking home the Grammy for Best Country Album for ‘Platinum’ (live during the main telecast), and turning heads with her classic black cut-out red carpet gown, complete with hot pink straps for a pop of color.

But it was her explosive performance of current single ‘Little Red Wagon’ during the show that really set the house on fire. All decked out in red and black, including the stage and her band members (of course), and strutting her stuff in front of a huge fan, Miranda was on fine vocal form (and much better than previous award show performances, see December’s ACC awards and to an extent November’s CMA awards). And for a song that largely requires rocking out and not a lot of pretty, melodic stuff, she did miles better than on her May 2014 performance with Carrie Underwood on ‘Somethin’ Bad’, at its debut on the Billboard Music Awards.

In fact, it was one of the stand out performances of the night, and although she didn’t quite hit the heights of my girl Brandy Clark (check that one out here), she more than topped Eric Church’s efforts and much of her more mainstream pop and hip hop contemporaries, including Kanye West, Ariana Grande and Adam Levine/Gwen Stefani.

You can check out the fiery performance below!