Luke Bryan has taken in his orphaned nephew

Luke Bryan

Don't look now but Luke Bryan has done a very, very good deed. 

At the end of last year, Luke Bryan's brother-in-law Lee passed away suddenly, leaving three teenagers without a father. Lee was the widower of the Luke's sister who had passed away back in 2007.  

After Lee's death, Luke took his nephew, Lee's youngest son Til, under his wing, even bringing the 13-year-old to the American Country Countdown Awards with him. 

Now, ABC News is reporting that Luke has not only taken Til under his wing, but has also welcomed him into his home in Nashville on a more permanent basis. 

As you can expect, the change has taken some getting used to. 

Luke says, "I went from having two boys in the house to having a 13-year-old boy in the house, which is a whole 'nother set of learning that you have to do."

You're not kidding. Can you imagine instantly being the parent to a teenager? All I can say is ahhhh!!!!

It's not clear where Til's siblings are staying, but Luke says he and wife Caroline make sure they get to come and visit as often as possible. He also says it's tough but he knows this is all part of God's plan.

"It's not what I want at all. I think we just rally around as a family."

Sounds like Til is lucky to have Luke and Caroline in his life.