Kip Moore releases lyric video for “I’m to Blame”

Kip Moore I'm to Blame

After watching Kip Moore’s new lyric video for I’m to Blame, I’ve come to one conclusion … it definitely needed more Kip Moore.

Okay, the video isn’t actually any different than any other lyric video out there, all music and lyrics, hence the name, but at the end of the video there are a few pictures of Kip to close it out. What a tease! A mean, mean tease.

Come on. If you’re going to tease us with photos of Kip at the end then you need to sprinkle a few more pictures of Kip throughout the video. You know, a flash of Kip here, a flash of Kip there, here a Kip, there a Kip, everywhere a Kip, Kip.

Kip’s people take note – we fans demand more Kip from our lyric videos!

Okay, dork moment over. Now take a look at Kip’s new lyric video.