Jennifer Nettles shows off her first Broadway war wound

Jennifer Nettles on Broadway
Photo: Instagram

Jennifer Nettles officially made her Broadway debut last night as Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago and already has the war wound to prove it.

Last week, Jennifer showed off her “Scar of Fabulousness” in her very first weekly backstage vlog. She apparently gave the wound to herself during a rehearsal mishap.

Jennifer Nettles Broadway War Wound

“When I was rehearsing the other day, the first time I got to rehearse with my boys, I was told I could take some sort of fabulous pose and in my fabulousness I nicked my own forehead and had to look at the gentleman next to me and say, ‘Am I bleeding?’ So this is my first Broadway war wound.”

No worries, though, Jennifer’s Chicago debut reportedly went off without a hitch despite the pretty darn gruesome injury.

Check out Jennifer giving a little behind the scenes of her warming up in rehearsal below. You can also watch episode 2 here.

Jennifer is expected to star in Chicago through March 29.


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