Hillary Scott wants to cry talking about upcoming Lady Antebellum tour

Hillary Scott familyPhoto: Instagram

Hillary Scott is about to learn the same lesson a lot of working mothers learn in the early stages of mommy-hood … being a working mother sucks. 

Hillary told reporters recently (via People.com) that when Lady Antebellum heads out on their Wheels Up 2015 Tour, initially with a three-week trip to Europe and Australia, she'll likely be bawling like a baby because her 18-month-old daughter Eisele will be staying home.

Okay. She didn't actually say she'd be bawling like a baby, but she did want to cry just talking about it.

“Do you have a box of Kleenex before I start talking about it? My little girl is not going,” she said (with a bit of a pout I'm imagining). 

But don't feel too bad for little Eisele. She'll likely be having the time of her life because she's going to be in the care of Hillary's mom, Linda Davis. 

“It’s just logistically a nightmare. But she will be in good hands. My mom will spoil her rotten and I’ll have to come home and probably rewrite a lot of bad habits.”

Just in case you're wondering, Hillary's husband Chris is Lady A's drummer so he'll be out on the road with the band also. Let's just hope a little mommy and daddy alone time will help soothe Hillary's broken heart.  

Lady A will head to Canada on the 16th before jetting off to Oslo, Norway at the end of the month. For more info, just visit LadyAntebellum.com.