Bro-country is thisclose to being added to the dictionary

Jason nope nope nope

Please tell me I somehow skipped a couple of months and it’s now April Fool’s Day and this is a joke.

Please? Anybody?

Bro-country is a word that just sort of grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard. It’s right up there with the word YOLO. The bro-country musical trend doesn’t show signs of leaving country music radio anytime soon, which, funny enough, is actually fine with me. What isn’t fine is that the word that just drives me completely nucking futs looks like it might be on track to being added to the dictionary in the near future.


Taste of Country reported yesterday that the fine folks over at the Cambridge Dictionary New Word Blog have recognized bro-country as a new word.

They wrote:

bro-country [noun] a sub-genre of country music sung by young white men, featuring songs with macho themes such as trucks, drinking, and partying

[A] celebration of […] life that features trucks, beer and scantily clad women as the must-have accessories. The young country duo Maddie & Tae aren’t fans of the third element in the ‘bro-country’ trinity.

[NPR: All Things Considered (news, politics and culture) 25 July 2014]

Thankfully the recognition as a new word doesn’t mean that bro-country will be added to the dictionary just yet, it simply means that the Cambridge Dictionary folks recognize that the word has been used “recently in written or spoken English,” so there’s still hope that the word will die off and go away.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling it will end up joining selfie, tweep, and bestie as oddball words that have recently become official and permanent additions to the English language.

God help us all.