Brandy Clark shows everyone up at the Grammys with fantastic performance of ‘Hold My Hand’

Brandy clark grammys

So, it's no secret that I'm a huge Brandy Clark fangirl. Who isn't, right? Her traditional country sound over heartfelt, clever and often modern lyrics about life, love and real people (no matter how blunt) is a surefire winner, and her career has been going from strength to strength ever since she released her debut album '12 Stories' in 2013. Despite only being on a little independent label called Stoney Creek Records, she has managed to become something of a critics' darling, and notched up two Grammy nominations this year for Best Country Album and – incredibly – Best New Artist, alongside such superstars as Sam Smith (who won the award), Haim, Iggly Azalea, and Bastille.

Despite not winning either of the awards she was up for, she managed to secure a performance slot during the latter half of the show, playing acoustically alongside Dwight Yoakam on her album track 'Hold My Hand'. Not only was she vocally stronger than almost every other performer on the night, it was a beautiful deviation from the otherwise bizarre fare of the Grammys, and perhaps due to a missed cue the camera lingered on the pair long after their song had finished. However, it enabled the audience to continue cheering and applauding, providing us with a rare taste of the esteemed crowd's true appreciation of great music.

You can check out the fantabulous performance below!