Sam Hunt has a method to the madness


Good news for Sam Hunt lovers or anyone that appreciates eye candy….he will shoot the video for his new single, “Take Your Time,” in the next few weeks. And instead of it being some generic video where it plays out the song’s lyrics about a guy trying to smooth talk the hottest girl in the bar, he's going for a cooler concept.

“I didn’t want to go down the obvious road and take it as literal as the song and lyrics go,” Sam tells ABC News radio, “but we did come up with a cool concept, and I’m really looking forward to shooting this video. It’ll be a little different.”

And that whole black and white vibe his album cover AND Instagram have is no accident. There's a method to his madness.

Sam explains, “Across the board [with] all of our visual content, I’ve tried to maintain a consistency there. We’ve definitely thought about that in terms of the video. I think the video will be sort of an extension of the way that the Instagram represents the whole deal. “

Oooh…dark and mysterious. Just how I like it.

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