Well I know who I’m rooting for on “American Idol”

Emily Brooke American IdolPhoto: Twitter

I long ago gave up on watching "American Idol," but I may have to buckle down and start tuning in again just to watch one particular contestant. 

15-year-old Emily Brooke. 

Did you see her audition? You can watch it below if you missed it. It was one of those moments in time that you watch and you know you're watching something great. That that person is someday going to be famous and you'll remember back to when you first saw them. It was kind of like watching Carrie Underwood's audition or Kelly Clarkson's when they were on "American Idol" oh so long ago. 

When I saw her name pop up all over my Facebook and Twitter yesterday and today, I knew her name sounded familiar. Turns out there's a reason it sounded familiar … I had written a post about her clear back in 2011 when she was the ripe old age of 12. 


A reader pointed the post out to me this morning (apparently I can't remember everything I've written in the nearly seven years I've been doing this). So since I've been amazed by Emily's talents since 2011, I guess that means I'm formally obligated to vote religiously for her now that she's won the nation's attention. 

Which is a-ok with me since the girl is seriously talented. #GoEmily!