No, Taylor Swift didn’t pay off a fan’s student loans, but she did help a bunch

Taylor Swift cash giftPhoto: Twitter

It may be mid-January now, but the merry Swift-mas train just keeps right on rolling. 

One newly revealed recipient of the extremely enviable Taylor Swift gift boxes that a few lucky fans received for the holidays got more than the teapot, trinkets, paintings, clothing, jewelry, etc. that other fans received … she got money. 

Or more precisely a check for $1989. 

Swift super-fan Rebekah had mentioned recently on Tumblr how she was going to have to figure out a way to start paying back her student loans despite not having a job. 

Rebekah postPhoto: BuzzFeed

That's when Taylor swept in and helped save the day, including the check for $1989 to help Rebekah jump start the payback process in her Swift-mas box.  


Anigif_enhanced-10983-1421166185-2Photo: YouTube via BuzzFeed 

I keep reading that Taylor paid off Rebekah's student loans. She didn't. But she did help get the ball rolling, which is definitely amazing. 

Anyone else have the feeling Taylor's already stalking fans and buying gifts for next year? 

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You can see Rebekah's whole incredible video here