Music For The Soul

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If you enjoy music, then consider being a mobile disc jockey. You will need to have a vehicle that is large enough to hold all of the supplies you need before getting started. The latest music should be played at various events as well as some of the older songs that people might still enjoy listening to at birthday parties, reunions or wedding receptions. One of the advantages of having a mobile disc jockey business is that you can make your own hours. You can set the rates per hour as well as how far you want to travel for each job.

There is music software that you should be familiar with so that you can mix a song to make it sound upbeat. There are also websites such as I DJ Now to purchase equipment to help with your business. Advertising your services will usually be vital to building your business. Offer discounts as much as possible, and communicate with people at the event so that they will know how much you charge and that you are available for most kinds of events. This can lead to bigger jobs which will lead to more money. Recruit help to make it easier to set up your equipment and take it down as soon as the event is over so that guests aren't waiting for you to leave.

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