Garth Brooks gets hometown streets named in his honor

Garth Brooks

Garth is heading home to Tulsa to perform this week and next (Jan. 9-11 and 15-17) and to celebrate, Tulsa has changed the name of four streets around the BOK Center to honor the singer.


Say hello to Low Places Lane, Thunder Rolls Road and Shameless Boulevard.

Garth Brooks streetsPhoto: Nashville Edge

"This is Garth's hometown and where he lived up until a few weeks ago. And ever since we opened in 2008, Garth has been the most requested act. Hands down. Year after year. So we thought this would be good to commemorate him. And obviously, there's just a whole lot of civic pride here for Garth and we wanted to welcome him home with open arms,” Jeff Nickler, BOK Center General Manger, said of the honor. 

There's also a fourth street that's been changed in Garth's honor to Rodeo Drive, although I'm sure people who aren't familiar with Garth will just think Tulsa's gotten uppity and named a street after the famous Beverly Hills one and will end up pronouncing it ro-day-o drive.  

Which could definitely be entertaining for those who know the actual reason for the name change. 

Tickets are pretty much sold out to the show, although a few are still available for a couple of the dates. If you're interested, you can find out more info about the show at