Eric Church dishes on what he really thinks of Taylor Swift…


Not too long there was that creepy promo video Eric Church's team made during their The Outsiders album promotion that featured Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2013 CMA's where she made reference to Eric Church being the reason she really got a chance to shine. Remember? The whole he played too long when opening up for the Rascal Flatts so they nixed him and took on Swift instead.

Yeah, well after that rumors flew about a feud. Come to find out…there's no feud at all. Not even a little one. Instead there is just heap loads of respect. Eric Church recently talked to Nola and had this to say about the world's biggest music star…

Taylor Swift made a pop album, "1989," and moved away from Nashville. You're not going to make a similar announcement and become a metal guy, are you?

Church: No. From Taylor's standpoint, I think the record is brilliant. I own the record. You know what I love about it? It's creative. It's what she wanted to do.

What she'll do next, I have no idea. And that's what I think is cool about it. I have no clue where she's heading. That's the exciting part. When you do something like that, it kind of shakes everything up so much – no pun intended – that you're intrigued. That's exciting to me.

Two of my favorite bands are The Band and Little Feat. I don't know where they fit in. You can say they're rock 'n' roll. They were at the time. But if you listen to their music today, they'd be right in the heart of what country is doing. Or they'd be more Americana, or maybe even Southern rock. If you look at those bands, it's really hard to figure out where they are.

I'm not about announcing, "Hey, we're in this genre." I'm not sure where we fit. Music is music. Some fits in different places than others, and that's OK.

So no, I have no similar plans (like Swift's). If I made an announcement like that, they would probably go, "He's already there, isn't he?"

Well…there you have it. I think I walked away from this simply impressed with the fact Eric owns 1989.

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