Discovering Lucy Angel: Docu-Series Preview

Lucy Angel, Docu-Series

Lucy Angel have spent the past 12 years developing their smooth muscianship and slick-backed pop-country blend. Their harmonies aren't the only things that keep their music laced together. As a mother-daughter trio—comprised of Kate, Emily and Lindsay Anderton—it's their loyalty, unconditional love and charming passion that has kept their careers on an upward trajectory. In their brand-new 13-episode docu-series Discovering Lucy Angel (produced by Emmy Award-winner J.T. Taylor), Lucy Angel peel back the layers of what it means to be a working musician in Nashville. The show premieres on Tuesday (Jan. 13) an AXS-TV.

"We've been on the road doing shows," mother Kate says, in the show's first episode called "Off to the Races." "[But] we're at the point where I really feel like we're ready for stepping out on a bigger stage." Each moment of their rising stardom has been a milestone. In the half-hour premiere episode, the Andertons are preparing for the biggest concert of their lives: a show at the Pocono Raceway. "I don't know anything like I know music," eldest daughter Lindsay shares. "This is what moves me."

The patriach of the family, otherwise known as G-Man, adds a bit of straight wit to the show. As the band's biggest fan, he's also not afraid to share is (sometimes) brutally honest opinions. But through it all, it's from a place of love. "I'm the guy that keeps this family out of the breadline," he says. "I've been an entrepreneur my entire life, and I've done 1,000 businesses. Nothing is like this…"

He adds, "I want more than anything else is to see these girls succeed and [get] the respect they deserve."

Fletch, the eldest son, fulfills the role of production manager for the family, but he admits that the work can be a bit hard to swallow, at times. "I feel like i have two different lives when I'm here with my family helping out with the music career. I'm a bit of an outsider sometimes."

Fans will also get an inside look at what it takes to prepare for a performance: the packing, the chaos, the laughter borne out of frustration. It all pays off, in the end, as Lindsay, Emily and Kate venture to Pocono Raceway for the big event. Of course, there's plenty of speed bumps along the way, but the family ultimately remains tighter and more self-aware than when they started. They are never deterred by the cameras from living their lives and giving an honest portrayal of their most-honest selves.

Make sure to tune into Discovering Lucy Angel as it premieres on AXS-TV on Tuesday, Jan. 13 at 9/8c. Check your local listings for more info.

Their current single is the rock-tinged "Crazy Too," the lead sample from their brand-new self titled LP (out tomorrow, too). You can pre-order it on iTunes now!

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