Dierks Bentley puking fan experience now a cute cartoon

  Dierks Bentley puking fan cartoonPhoto: YouTube

Back in November we told you about the funny but gross moment when a fan puked in front of thousands of fans after Dierks Bentley brought the flight-attendant-costumed gal on stage during his performance of Drunk on a Plane. Well it turns out everything's better animated. 

Radio.com has a series called Minimations where they animate select portions of interviews with rock and country artists. In this episode, they animate a 2014 Dierks Bentley interview where he talks about the memorable moment.

“Last night in Hershey, PA we had a girl dressed up as a flight attendant,” Dierks Bentley told Radio.com of a fan.

For other touring musicians, that attire might be somewhat out of the ordinary, but for the singer behind the track “Drunk on a Plane” it’s just another day on tour.

“Sometimes I’ll pull them on stage,” he continued. “And we were partying and having a great time and all of the sudden the crowd just erupted with a mixture of horror-slash-laughter.”

Turns out the flight attendant was running away with a trail of vomit following her.

“Luckily,” he reports, “Just a little bit [got] on my boot.”

Oh the life of a country rock star. 

Check out the animated version of events.