Carrie Underwood named top-earning American Idol alum for second year in a row


Who doesn't want to be Carrie Underwood right now? She's gorgeous, she's got major pipes, she can write a hit song, she has an amazing career, a hot husband, two gorgeous little dogs, she's got her first kid on the way… okay, I could go on. Apparently though, she's also raking in the big bucks, because according to Forbes she's the highest-earning American Idol alum in 2014, after she took that title in 2013 too.

Apparently, with album sales, concert tickets and her lucrative role in the NBC production The Sound of Music: Live, she earned $10 million before taxes last year. It must be a dud year for everyone, though, because she earned $31 million in 2013 and yet she's still managed to top the list again this year. I suspect her significantly lower earnings have something to do with the downtime she's been having this year, but $10 million is still pretty impressive for being holed up writing songs and getting pregnant. Am I right?

Kelly Clarkson, meanwhile, ranked second on the list with $8 million (she's also had some downtime this year recording an album and having a baby), and Scotty McCreery came in fourth with $3.5 million. Finally, Kellie Pickler reached ninth, raking in $1 million.

So, basically, I want to be Queen Carrie, or at least her unborn child because it sounds like he is going to have an awesome childhood.