Breaking: Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram HACKED!

Taylor Swift InstagramPhoto: Instagram

While Taylor Swift has been enjoying the sun and surf in Hawaii, there's been some shenanigans going on with her Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

According to multiple sites, Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram accounts were compromised today and the hacker used the valuable time to post the rather disturbing picture below (via Defamer) along with several tweets asking Taylor's followers to follow a couple of random, rather shady-looking Twitter accounts. 

Taylor Swift hacked

You don't mess with Taylor, however, and not long after the hack was discovered, the Twitter user who admitted to doing the hacking was suspended from Twitter and Taylor's Twitter and Instagram accounts were cleaned up and returned to their normal happy, sunny state. 

Taylor took to another social media site, Tumblr, to let her fans know that everything was under control. 

Taylor Swift tumblr

Well at least Taylor's hack didn't involve nude pictures or North Korea. 

UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that there may be nude pictures involved. 

The Lizard Squad claims to have hacked major gaming systems — such as Sony PlayStation and Xbox Live — last year. They also claim to be behind Monday's Facebook and Instagram outage.

Now, the hackers say they're planning to post naked shots of Taylor.


UPDATE 2: Taylor sent this via Twitter just a bit ago. 

Taylor Swift hacker responseGo Taylor!