Brad Paisley hits #1 with ‘Perfect Storm’, surprisingly

Brad paisley

Okay, I know for the past several weeks it's seemed inevitable that Brad Paisley's latest single 'Perfect Storm' would take the #1 spot eventually, but when it was first announced as going to radio I was totally skeptical. I have loved Brad for years but felt that his current album 'Moonshine In The Trunk' was a creative disappointment, with 'Perfect Storm' stalling and to be honest, being both a bit a messy and a bit boring. "She destroys me in that t-shirt" is also not the line to launch the chorus on, please.

I honestly thought that like 'I Can't Change The World', the third single from his last album 'Wheelhouse', it would get so far and then just fall off and they'd have to try and resurrect his momentum again. While I'm not set on the current album there are a few decent songs on there that I'd like to see at radio, and although I want Brad to succeed in every way I was kinda half-hoping it would die and then they'd have to pick another one. Or at the very least, they'd realize this semi-bro fodder is not the way for him to go.

But, in the last couple of months, 'Perfect Storm' got the promotional push it needed and radio just latched onto it, finally making it this week's #1. Who knows what song his team have in mind for the next single, but for now this ballad with awkward lyrics and overblown rock production is the #1 country song in the whole nation. Who knew?

Either way, congrats to Brad and his team. I'm sure they're all pleased he's back on a streak after 'River Bank' hit the top spot before it.

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