Are meet and greets getting too strict?

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If you can remember back in the day meet and greets were an opportunity to take your disposable camera into a small area before your favorite singer's show and hope and pray the photos turned out. It was super casual and you usually waited in line to get something signed too. The good ol' days, right?

But if you've been to a meet and greet recently you'll notice it's a bit more strategic and with a lot more rules. Most artists these days don't allow you bring your own camera and you get one shot and then you're pushed out. No second chances. I'm sorry but aren't we paying extra for that 15 seconds? Doesn't that at least guarantee us a good shot to post on social media? 

What sparked my interest was stumbling on this tweet about a meet and greet with Joe Nichols:

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It's an unfortunate situation. Who knows why this happened but it sounds a little over dramatic to me. I know precautions are necessary because let's be real….people are crazy. But is this cattle call and line up the way to treat all fans?

I also know not every artist is this way and I know there are many other outlets that give fans the opportunity to have a better meet and greet experience, but I've personally been victim to a couple M&G's where I'm left with a blurry photo and a disconnected greeting.

What's the best or worse meet and greet story you have?

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