A guy got himself kicked off a plane for singing Blake Shelton’s “Boys ‘Round Here”

Blake Shelton

Sometimes a song takes over and you just can't help yourself. 

On Christmas day, a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles was diverted to Albuquerque after a man wouldn't stop singing Blake Shelton's Boys 'Round Here really, really loudly.

According to KWCH, the unnamed man put his headphones on and started singing the Blake song very loudly mid-flight. Several people complained about the singing, which upset the over-zealous singer who felt he was being racially profiled (as opposed to just being really annoying). He then got up and went to the bathroom several times, he says so that people wouldn't see him cry. His return trips to the bathroom, however, made the flight crew uncomfortable and they ended up making an emergency landing in Albuquerque.

The man was escorted off the plane and interviewed by the FBI, but was never charged with anything or arrested. He was then allowed to board a different flight and continue on his way where hopefully he kept his singing to a minimum. 

I guess there's a time and a place for Blake Shelton Karaoke and cross-country flights ain't it.