Was 2014 the year of Maddie & Tae?


The break out stars of 2014 in country music had to be Maddie & Tae. The girls came from virtually out of nowhere with a song that took aim at the "Bro Country" trend at a time many of us were begging for a solution for.

Their appeal was even more impressive because they were young ladies that were managing to claim radio play. When many proven females were struggling to earn that. The song even earned them a # 1 title. And were presenters at an award show.

So, it wasn't exactly a surprise to see Maddie & Tae on many year end music lists with their hit song "Girl In A Country Song."  But the girls' fame actually grew when they were put in the same league as many big names for the fun lists. Like their favorite holiday food. Sounds silly to most, but some more established artists were left off these lists. But these girls do have something many do not….Scott Borchetta's support.

Leaving me with one question….have Maddie & Tae reached a new level of success that only Scott Borchetta can create?

What do YOU think?

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