Tim McGraw taking time off for daughter’s senior year of high school

Tim McGraw InstagramPhoto: Instagram

Look out fans, Tim McGraw's getting ready to pull a Garth Brooks! 

Garth Brooks famously took a nice long break from his career to spend time with his daughters as they were growing up. Tim McGraw has revealed that he plans on doing the same thing, only to a much, much lesser degree. 

Over the weekend, Tim revealed to Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that with his daughter Gracie getting ready to graduate, he's planning to take some time off in 2015. 

“Well there’s a lot going on. It’s Gracie’s senior year in high school, it’s her last few months at home. We have a lot of colleges to visit, she hasn’t picked one yet. She’s got a pretty good idea, but she’s got a couple she wants to see first. I want her to get out from under our umbrella, and find herself. I want her to go wherever she wants, and experience life."

But don't worry, Tim's only taking a few months off and plans to get back to touring in about June or so. 

Fans can root for Tim on tonight's American Country Countdown Awards where the singer is up for Collaboration of the Year along with Faith Hill for their song Meanwhile Back At Mama’s


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