The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney thanks fans for that ‘Bring Beth Back’ petition


Emily Kinney, who made us feel with her deep-rooted portrayal of wide-eyed optimist Beth Greene on The Walking Dead, was one of the brightest stars to stun on the American Country Countdown Awards red carpet Mon. (Dec. 15). Dazzling in a vibrant red dress (with her platinum blonde locks perfectly positioned over her shoulder), the actress was delightfully confident, with an edge of youthful exuberance. On paper, her inclusion on the talent list might appear out of left field, but (as her loyal fans already know) she's an accomplished pop singer, whose perfectly sunbaked brand blends Joni Mitchell and Ingrid Michaelson with a peppering of Ellie Goulding and Sara Bareilles. Her new single "Rockstar" is a plucky, rocky delight and is the lead sampling from her forthcoming album, expected in 2015.

As she was being whisked down the red carpet (moments before the two-hour awards show began), NashvilleGab had a moment to chat about that "Bring Beth Back" petition that cause an uproar online. Following her character Beth Greene's [SPOILER] death on the zombie thriller's mid-season finale (which aired Nov. 30), walker stalker fans took to to let the powers that be know they weren't satisfied. As of this post (Dec. 17 at 9:30 EST) the petition stands with over 50,000 signatures. "Itsn't that amazing?!?" Kinney beamed from ear to ear. "It's so amazing that they connected with that character. That's all you can ask for, for people to connect with the work you are doing."

"I am so thankful to have worked on the show and be part of it all," she added. "It's a part of who I am now. But now…I'm excited to work on new stuff!" Already, Kinney has seen wide-spread approval of her brand new song "Rockstar," with an accompanying quirky new music video (below). Previously, she's released two EPs, 2011's Blue Toothbrush and 2013's Expired Love.


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You can grap a copy of the song on iTunes now!

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