“The Voice” crowns a winner, winner immediately ends up on TMZ for “snubbing” fans

Blake Shelton and Craig Wayne BoydPhoto by: Trae Patton/NBC

Warning to wannabe and newly minted celebrities: TMZ is everywhereeeeeee. 

"The Voice" crowned it's season 7 winner on Tuesday and Blake's team member, Craig Wayne Boyd, ended up taking the whole kit and caboodle.

He then promptly went out and ended up TMZ for "snubbing" fans (video here).

Craig Wayne Boyd may have just won "The Voice," but he wouldn't even be a finalist in "The Brain," because he almost immediately disrespected the fans who will determine his long-term success.

Boyd was leaving an NYC office Building Wednesday … when he squeezed in an autograph and a mid-stride selfie, and then blazed past the other fans.

The little people know the game, and warned the singer he's starting off on the wrong foot.

"The Voice" is a really good show. Now name one of the past winners.

Well I wouldn't worry too much about it, being thrust into the national spotlight takes a little time to adjust to and I'm sure Mr. Boyd will get the hang of it soon enough. 

For winning the popular singing competition, Craig has landed a recording contract with Universal Music Group and a check for $100,000. He will also likely go on tour with Blake Shelton since Blake is kind of the daddy duck and takes most of his "The Voice" ducklings under his wing and out on tour with him. 

The biggest perk of winning, however, may come behind the scenes as Craig's a single dad to an adorable 2-year-old son, Jaxon.   

"It changes my life as a father in the fact that I'll be able to provide for him much better than I have in the past," Craig told Entertainment Tonight after his win. 

And that's the best reason of all, I think. 

Check out Craig's new video for My Baby's Got a Smile on Her Face that was released on Monday.