Taylor Swift’s rep would rather you didn’t ask about those pics of her maybe kissing a woman

 Taylor Swift and KarliePhoto: Instagram

For the last week I've had strep throat. I feel so bad for always just thinking of it as a bad sore throat whenever my kids came down with it growing up because OMG! I literally thought I was going to die.  

And no, I'm not exaggerating in the least. I honestly thought for the first two days that I was sick that my husband was going to come home from work to find me dead in a pool of my own Nyquil-filled … well you get the point. It was THAT bad.  

But I'm on the mend now that I'm pumped full of antibiotics, so let's get to some news, shall we? 

Like did you see that Taylor Swift was photographed kissing her best friend Karlie Kloss at a concert last week?

Or maybe she wasn't. The photos are pretty dark and grainy, but it sure looks like she was laying a big fat wet one on the Victoria's Secret model. 

Hell, can you blame Taylor if she was mackin' on the model? I mean Karlie's hot. There's also video of the two and this GIF of them sharing an up-close-and-personal conversation. 

Karlie and Taylor

Naturally, people are now wondering if maybe the two are more than just best friends. Well go ahead and wonder all you like, just make sure you don't ask Taylor's rep to comment on the pair's relationship status.

The New York Daily News made the mistake of doing that very thing, and let's just say the question went over like a 100-pound lead balloon. 

"It's sad that on the day it's announced Taylor has three Grammy nominations for 'Shake It Off,' I have to shake off this crap," she told the Daily News with maybe a little more disgust than was necessary.  

Come on, Taylor getting multiple award nominations, even Grammy Award nominations, is nothing new. Taylor possibly being caught making out in public with her freakishly similar best friend? Now that's a new and interesting twist in the singer's usually extremely boring dating story.

This is Taylor Swift we're talking about. The girl has built a very large part of her career on her past relationships, so you'd think her rep would be used to these sorts of questions by now. Of course, I'm a blogger and these sorts of entertaining stories are like candy to me. Being Taylor's rep during these sorts of entertaining stories? Probably like being stuck with Bill Murray in your own little Groundhog Day, but with more email and no sappy Hollywood ending in sight. So pretty much hell on Earth. 

Guess I should cut her some slack. 

As for Taylor and Karlie, neither of them seems too concerned that people think they're possibly a couple and neither one has bothered to comment. So good on them.  

UPDATE: Taylor tweeted this this morning: 

As my 25th birthday present from the media, I'd like for you to stop accusing all my friends of dating me. #thirsty.

Oh Taylor, but what fun is that?