Kip Moore is feeling the love again…


Kip Moore has some pretty awesome fans. He also has some pretty patient fans. They've been waiting for a follow up album for debut album, Up All Night. since 2012.

The first two singles he's released from the sophomore record  "Young  Love" and "Dirt Road" didn't see much chart love. Which was beyond me, but Kip thinks he may have been too aggressive about it.  

Kip tells The Oakland Press "I might have gone a little too aggressive or too intense with what I  was doing. What I had to do was quiet thinking and just enjoy writing  again and let it go from there."

Well, it's good to know he's enjoying writing and feeling the love of music…I think this means we are in for a treat!

Kip expects to release his new single, and hopefully his new album, in 2015.

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