Justin Moore’s hunting for some good luck…


So let's be real, Justin Moore has had a great 2014 what with his ACM New Artist of the Year win and the arrival of his new adorable little girl, Rebecca Klein, in July.

Some people would say that some guys have all the luck when taking that all into consideration.

But….Justin wasn't so lucky when it came to catching big game on his hunting trips to Colorado and Wisconsin this year.

He says, "I've struck out so far this year, which is a rarity."

But, Justin wasn't ready to take blame for it…nope…in fact, he's quick to blame his elk hunting fail in Colorado on the weather, though.

"It went from 30 degrees to 70 degrees in a day," Justin explains, "and that's not conducive to seeing a lot of elk."

Giving his luck around try in Buffalo County, Wisconsin turned out to be unlucky too.

Says  Justin, "I don't know if I wasn't quiet enough or what. I didn't have  any luck there either. So, I've got my work cut out for me."

Ehh…there's always next year?

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