John Rich has a bone to pick with Marvel (as in the comics)

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Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird…It's a Plane… It's a super mad country singer! 

Okay, that's actually DC comics, but just go with it. 

Reformed reality show contestant battler, autotune refuser, stalker-having John Rich has decided to pick a fight with a bunch of superheroes. 


The singer took his two sons, 4-year-old Cash and 3-year-old Colt, to the Marvel Universe Live show over the weekend and left shortly after it started due to his poor kids getting scared by all the loud sounds and too-close-for-comfort fireworks going off. 

John took to Twitter afterwards to express his displeasure at the show.

Holy PTSD, Batman!

Shoot, I think Batman's DC Comics, too. Why do DC's characters have all the good sayings?

True story. I took my kids to see The Polar Express in theaters way back in 2004. It was like a Wednesday morning matinee and we were the only ones watching the show that morning. My son, who was 4 at the time, bawled like his hair was on fire because the theater was dark. Then he bawled because the movie was really loud once it finally started. Twenty minutes or so in and he totally forgot all his fears and was completely engrossed in the show. And he's only a little bit scared of Tom Hanks these days. 

There wasn't really a point to that story other than I like to tease my now 14-year-old, nearly 6 foot tall son every chance I get that he once cried at The Polar Express. Not that he'll read this, mind you, but it's the thought that counts. 

And maybe John will one day be able to share a good laugh with his grown sons about how they were once afraid of a bunch of men in tights.

Hey, if we can't laugh at all the ways we permanently scar our kids over the years in the name of fun, what can we laugh at?

Anyway, so far Marvel hasn't responded to John's criticism, but I'm thinking they probably won't be sponsoring future Big & Rich tours anytime sooTMZ

Update: Missed that Marvel did apologize. A rep for Marvel told TMZ, "We take into consideration the ages and sensitivities of all our audiences when producing our shows, and we apologize if Mr. Rich felt the special effects were too loud."


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