Gwen Sebastian dishes on ‘My Eyes,’ new single & upcoming album: Exclusive

Gwen Sebastian
Former Voice finalist and rising country star Gwen Sebastian dazzled in a slender silver dress on the red carpet at the inaugural American Country Countdown Awards Mon. (Dec. 20). Following the release of her 2013 self-titled LP, she teamed up with Blake Shelton for one of 2014's standout hits, the romantc "My Eyes." NashvilleGab had the chance to chat with the singer about how it feels to have a No. 1 radio hit. "It's a complete blessing. To have my name next to his and we're up for an award, it's pretty cool to say. It's all due to him. He's done so much for me," she said.

As the year is wrapping up, she already has her sights set on a new album. "I'm actually working on new music, coming out next year. I think it's still going to show all sides of me. I love a good slow love song, and then I like a good party song," she shared, adding that her new single is called "Throw It Back." "It's a girl party song. There'll be a little of that, a little hick-hop, if you will on there. I'll still be staying true to myself, though."

She continued, "I'm trying to [do more songwriting]. It's always hard to find time to do that, especially out on the road. I always think: if I wrote it or not, the best song always wins."

Of course, with the Christmas season in full swing, she revealed her most-wanted present as a child, "I remember that when I wanted the Barbie dream house, and I didn't get it. But my parents made me one. That was probably the most memorable gift I ever got." Heading into 2015, she has only one resolution: "I'm gonna learn how to play guitar finally," but she admitted that she (probably) wouldn't get as good as accomplished guitarist Keith Urban. "I will leave Keith Urban up to Keith Urban, because he's freaking awesome and I can't touch that," she said.

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