Golden Globe Nominations Reveal Potential Oscar Nominated Songs

Golden globe awards

The Academy Award show is one of the most prestigious shows in entertainment every year. Many in the industry think that the Golden Globes, which occur every year prior to the other show, serve as a precursor to the Oscars. Many of the same films that receive nominations for the Golden Globes later receive a nod from the Academy Awards. Those interested in music from films can take a look at the Golden Globe nominations and get an idea of which songs might receive an Oscar nomination.

"Big Eyes"

"Big Eyes" is a Golden Globe nominated song from the film of the same name. Tim Burton already received acclaim for the film, and Lana Del Rey, who recorded the song, received some acclaim of her own after releasing a new album the same year. Some in the industry predict that this might be the song to beat.


The film "Selma" tells the story of the Civil Rights movement in America. R&B artist John Legend and rapper Common came together to record the song "Glory" for the soundtrack. The combination of strong beats and smooth vocals made this one of the top songs from a film.

"Mercy Is"

Patti Smith is best known as a punk rocker, but she surprised her fans with "Mercy Is," which is a song she wrote specifically for a film that told the story of Noah. Though "Noah" didn't receive any acting nods, it did receive a nomination for her song.


Fans of musicals like Jordan Kurland might know that only original songs can receive a nomination. Though this means that most songs from the film made from the Broadway musical "Annie" could not receive a nomination, the film introduced a new song titled "Opportunity," which received a nomination for artists Will Gluck, Greg Kurstin and Sia.

"Yellow Flicker Beat"

Music fans like Jordan might know Lorde for her unique voice and pulsating sounds. She brought both those elements to the song "Yellow Flicker Beat." Recorded specifically for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1," many think that the song served as the perfect backdrop to one of the last films in this series.

Some of the top artists of the year received Golden Globe nominations for songs they recorded for various films. Though no one knows who will win, it's likely that these same songs will receive Oscar nominations later.