Blake Shelton says Miranda Lambert is one person he won’t compete with…


I suppose if push came to shove and Miranda Lambert was on the other end of a competition…I'd probably let her win. I mean, have you heard her sing about revenge? It ain't pretty.

And apparently…Neon Lights singer Blake Shelton agrees.

The country star recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live where he was asked whether or not he and Miss Sassy herself, Miranda, ever get competitive about all the awards nominations they’re frequently up for. Legit question considering they're nominated for a whole mess of 'em. And that mere fact alone gives them a ton of opportunity to have a rivalry….  but Blake made it clear that he has no intentions of getting into a competition with Miranda, and for good reason:

“It doesn’t do good for me to be competitive with her,” Shelton told Kimmel, revealing his personal reasoning for not doing so. “We’re married…I’m still trying to get laid sometimes!”

Good point Blake.

And even thought Blake did share that Miranda tends to get a little competitive with him, he’s fine with that, choosing to “let her roll right over me.”

Shelton also brought up some of the subject matter and lyrics to his wife’s music as being another reason he never chooses to cross her.

“All her music is about killing guys and burning their houses down and beating up people…that’s my wife! What do you want me to do? I’m not going to challenge her!”

Obviously we see his point. Smart man.

Chhhheck out the interview below:


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