Well here’s a surprise (not really) … some people didn’t like Brad Paisley’s white-ish joke

Garth and BradPhoto: Twitter

Oh Jeez Louise. 

Well you knew the CMA Awards couldn't pass without some sort of controversy, so here you go.

Last night, co-host Brad Paisley made a joke that didn't go over too well with some people. Surprise. Surprise. 

The CMA's aired on ABC on Wednesday. Usually at that time, the network's new hit show "Black-ish” is on. Brad made a joke about people tuning in to watch "Black-ish" and finding the awards show instead.  

“If you were looking for Black-ish tonight, yeah, this ain’t it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy White-ish,” he joked.

So I'm sure you can imagine what happened next and now #whitish is trending on Twitter with people claiming the joke was racist.  

Incidentally, Mr. @MikeJamezzz, who called the joke racist, has this as his Twitter background.


So he's probably not the best person to be talking about offensive jokes.

Unfortunately, there were plenty of other people with nothing better to do calling the joke racist. Thankfully, though, some people kept a level head about it all. 

What do you think? People too sensitive or was the joke too much?

Here's the joke in case you missed it last night.