Ty Herndon comes out to Entertainment Tonight, announces “I’m Gay”

Ty Herndon entertainment tonight screen shotPhoto: Entertainment Tonight

For two days now, I've noticed that "gay country singer" has been a hot search item. People have been showing up on NashvilleGab after searching for those words in huge numbers. I thought it was odd because I haven't written anything for quite a while in regards to gay country singers, so I thought I'd do a little investigating. 

Turns out long-rumored-to-be-gay singer Ty Herndon has officially come out of the closet … sort of. 

Entertainment Tonight has a photo and link to a video that says "Country Star Ty Herndon I'm Gay." Unfortunately when you click the video link it goes to a "page not found" page, so I'm thinking they may have jumped the gun and released the video (or the hint that the video existed) earlier than planned.

Ty Herdon Gay Entertainment Tonight

Either way, good for Ty for finding the courage to be honest with fans and the world.  

I'll post his interview just as soon as it's released. 

Update: You can now watch part of his interview here.