Turns out we aren’t the only ones that want new Shania Twain music


It's been 12 long years since Shania Twain has blessed the radio airwaves with new music and if you ask me…that's 12 years too long.

Radio.com recently gave some reasons on why Shania needs to release new music. And they have some solid points. I mean…let's address the elephant in the room: women simply are not able to break into the top of the charts or radio right now. And it's certainly not because of lack of talent. We've got the Kaceys, the Brandys, the Danielles, the Cassadees and many more.

Which leads us to believe it could be the lack of the moving and shaking and who knows more about moving and shaking than Shania Twain? She was a straight up genre bender back in the day and one of the only people successful at it.

And now that Shania has confirmed she is working on new music…it leads us to our next question….WHEN can we hear it?!

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