Toby Keith reveals that daughter Krystal may soon be a T.V. star

Toby Keith and Krystal KeithPhoto: Twitter

Looks like there may soon be a T.V. star in the Keith family, and we're not talking about Toby.

Proud papa Toby Keith revealed in a recent interview with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that his daughter and fellow country singer, Krystal Keith, might end up on T.V. after being wooed by some eager television production folks. 

“There are some TV production people taking her to LA. They’re trying to cast her in a television show. They don’t know what they want to do, but I told them they should do her and her girlfriends, backstage, go to each concert, show people what it’s like in each city, then everybody come back to the dressing room, introduce a new song, keep it around music, but do young girls having fun, let’s rock!"

Sounds like besides being a daddy, country singer, Mezcal king, military supporter extraordinaire, restaurateur, rasehorse owner, and professional rich man, Daddy Keith may soon be able to add T.V. show developer to his long list of titles because his idea is a pretty good one. Pretty sure I'd watch a show based on his backstage pass idea.