Idaho gives good mugshot (not country but funny)

Funny mugshot

Sometimes I just feel like spreading some cheer that doesn't involve country music. So here you go … meet happy Chick-fil-A mugshot guy. 

According to Boise's KTVB, this suspiciously happy fella he was arrested for threatening two people with a knife near the newest Boise Chick-fil-A. People were apparently sleeping in a nearby lot overnight as part of a competition to win free food. 

Police say 27-year-old Samuel Madden walked up to a couple sitting in a car and tried to talk to the male passenger before becoming angry and yelling at the pair.

According to witnesses, Madden pulled out a large fixed-blade knife and tapped it threateningly on the car's window. The couple called police, and Madden returned to his own vehicle when officers arrived.

The news story doesn't say if drugs were involved, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say they probably were.