Taylor Swift might actually be Santa Claus in disguise


It is almost impossible to keep up with all the wonderful things Taylor Swift is doing for her fans. Every morning I wake up thinking she can’t top herself and everyone morning she proves me wrong. This particular event might top the cake though.

Taylor Swift is a fan of Christmas. She’s also a fan of her fans. So combining the two equals a really amazing event. Yup…Taylor Swift is buying Christmas gifts for her fans. Straight up sending them personalized gifts straight to their homes. But she ran into a little problem when buying a gift for one of her littlest fans. One of the gifts was so big she wasn’t sure how she would ship it. So….she decided to take matters into her own hands and ship the gift herself. Yeah….that’s right. She physically drove the gift to the fan’s house.

The fan was little Leyton, an absolutely adorable lil guy. And his mother is Stephanie. An equally big Taylor Swift fan.

It all started a couple months ago when Taylor commented a pretty touching comment on Stephanie’s Instagram photo of Leyton. THEN it got really good when Stephanie was invited to a Secret Sesson and Taylor baked cookies just for Leyton…and now it’s just out of control with Taylor going to the grand daddy of all toy stores and hooking Leyton up with play car and other fun gifts and personally delivering them Santa Claus style. Talk about memories that will last a lifetime!

But, see…Taylor is doing this for so many people. Her heart is just that genuine and she has so much to give and just loves seeing the happiness on every single fan’s face and honestly….what other artist does that?!

Side note: Stephanie is one of the most genuinely nicest people I know and her love for her son is evident on so many levels. Her love for Taylor is also VERY evident so this simply could not have happened to better people and I think my respect level for Taylor has now officially gone through the roof knowing she did this for Stephanie and Leyton. It makes me want to go out and do something nice for someone and pay it forward!

Cheers to the holiday season!

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