Kacey Musgraves lost something pretty important at Wednesday’s CMA Awards

Kacey Musgraves

Well here's a fun story to wake up to this morning. 

Backstage at last night's CMA Awards, Kacey Musgraves revealed that although she won something very important – the Song of the Year award for Follow Your Arrow – she lost something maybe just as important – her panties. 


From The Country Vibe:

Backstage Kacey took it upon herself to share a little TMI about her undergarments for the night. She was wearing a dress that had see-through, nude netting on both sides and she revealed, “Just so y’all know, right before I sang, my panties totally came off. They were the stick-on kind, ‘cause look at this dress, you can’t, there’s not much to work with.  So they were stuck on then they weren’t stuck on, and the curtain was about to come up, so literally I had to rip ‘em off and throw ‘em to the side. They’re somewhere around here, so just in case you see ‘em, they’re mine.”

When I see a dress like this that Kacey was wearing last night, I always just assume it's nude-colored fabric. I was surprised to read that the side of Kacey's dress was actually sheer. Crazy. Suppose anyone in the front rows got an eye full when she was up on stage performing?