Go ahead and base your vote today on what singers and bands Democrats and Republicans like on Facebook


Happy midterm Election Day, 'Murica. Are you heading out to fulfill your civic duty today? Well if you are (or aren't), here's a sort of interesting photo that Facebook created that shows which singers and groups Democrats and Republicans are more likely to like on Facebook.  

With the 2014 midterm elections approaching, we decided to take a look at the cultural similarities and differences between people who support Democrats and people who support Republicans. To do this, we looked at everyone who liked the campaign page of any Democrat or Republican running for governor, U.S. Senate or U.S. House of Representatives. We then looked at what other pages those people liked on Facebook and identified the pages that were most differentiating—that is, the pages which were disproportionately liked by the supporters of one party versus the other—and those that were most balanced.

Note: in all of the figures below, the more a page is disproportionately liked by fans of Republican candidates, the farther right the page name appears (precisely indicated by the darker line in the middle). Conversely, the more a page is disproportionately liked by fans of Democratic candidates, the farther left the page name appears. The font size of the name is proportional to the total number of people from the US who liked that page.

I guess if you're torn on which side to vote for today you can always base your choice on which group likes your favorite singer. 

Hey, it's better than Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe. 

If you're curious about what landmarks, authors, T.V. shows, etc. are liked by each group, there are more here if you're interested

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