Garth Brooks talks YouTube (again), Waylon Jennings spat, Chris Gaines, and more

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Waylon Jennings versus Garth Brooks? Yep, it happened. Now Garth has addressed how he felt about having a country music legend not particularly like him much.  

Back when Garth was at the height of his popularity, Jennings wasn't afraid to express his dislike of Garth's music. One quote from 1994 probably summed up Waylon's feelings best (quote via Saving Country Music): “I think he’s the luckiest s.o.b in the world. He’s gotten more out of nothing than anybody I can think of. I’ve always accused him of sounding like Mr. Haney on Green Acres.”


There's even a rumored quote that's attributed to Waylon that goes, “Garth Brooks did for country music what pantyhose did for finger ….” Um, yeah, you get the gist. You can read the history of that quote and whether it's actually from Waylon here.

Now Garth has addressed Waylon's feelings about him, telling Broadway that he never met the legend, but that yeah, he definitely didn't like his music. 

"For some reason I guess I was the guy that he targeted," Garth admitted. "It was tough for me because he was a country legend and for some reason I was the guy that got the brunt of it."

Despite it being tough, Garth goes on to say that he tried not to take it to heart too much.

"I really never took it that personal. I think he was just addressing the different style in country music and the changing of the guard and that's tough for anybody to handle. The guy is a legend and deserves nothing but respect."

Garth also talks his alter ego Chris Gaines, social media, and what he'd tell his younger self if he had the chance to talk to him.

Check out his full interview below. 


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    I actually didn’t think Garth Brooks was too bad, when he started out with his rodeo songs. But when I heard his new style of country, and especially when he started smashing guitars onstage, I was turned off. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t keep doing rodeo songs, or why the crowd went crazy, as he destroyed guitars. No sir, I still don’t mind hearing his early music, but I was no fan anymore. But I will say I didn’t mind his voice, he was definitely being the bigger man, when he had nothing bad to say about Waylon insulting him. He was right, Waylon was a legend and deserved nothing but respect.

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