Garth Brooks’ daughter would like everyone to stop asking her for concert tickets now

Garth and Trisha

Being the kid of a famous person must be great, right? Money, cars, jewels, mansions, butlers with lovely British accents, private jets, dinners in fancy restaurants with hard-to-pronounce names, zero college debt, red carpet events, famous friends, tiny dogs in over-sized purses. 

Oh sure, the life of a celebrity offspring sounds fabulous to us normal folk. Dig a little deeper, however, and you'll find that having a famous parent and/or step-parent can be downright annoying, especially when their shows are the hottest ticket around. 

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Just ask Garth's daughter, August, who took to the internet a while back to post this rant (her words) about people in her life who really, really want tickets to Garth and Trisha's shows. 

August, you may remember, is Garth's daughter who gave birth to his first grandchild last year.  

Stop asking for tickets

Well dang, scratching Garth's kids off my must-befriend-for-free-tickets list. Time to work on #2 on my list … Tim and Faith's girls