Frankie Ballard Light ‘Em Up Tour Review


Frankie Ballard's "Light 'Em Up" tour made a stop on November 15th in Silver Spring, Maryland just outside of Washington D.C. and I was curious to see if there was anything special about this particular artist. Well, I got more than I bargained for.


A Thousand Horses (a Nashville based band) took the stage first. The band recently signed with Republic Nashville and I've heard some interesting things regarding their ability to entertain. I have one word that describes this band perfectly, brilliant. From their style to their smooth stage presence, they scream authentic. Although their sound is southern rock, they have a blue collar essence about them. They could easily be labeled as the modern day Lynard Skynard. They performed a song titled "Smoke" which is set to be released to country radio sometime in January. I enjoyed their entire set but a few songs stood out to me. "Drunk Dial" puts a unique spin on calling your ex lover after you've had a few drinks. "Landslide" was also a top pick. The band worked well together and it all seemed meant to be. Destiny.

Opening act Frankie Ballard took the stage full force. I expected a decent show, what I got was massive. Opening with "I Came To Get Down" it was very clear what his goal was for the night…to entertain. He set the stage on fire from beginning to end, never slacking or slowing down. He performed fans favorites such as "A Buncha Girls" as well as "Tell Me You Get Lonely." Right before he took the stage he got word that his current single "Sunshine & Whiskey" had just went to #1. It was a nice addition to the show. It was obvious fans enjoyed being a part of that celebration. He also performed a few classics and paid homage to the music he grew up on. He sang Johnny Cash "A Boy Named Sue" with style. Also, his version of Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll" was effortless. The ending was also flawless as he brought out the band A Thousand Horses and they all toasted and took shots of whiskey prior to singing "Helluva Life" together. From his vocals to his ability to rock the crowd, Frankie Ballard is something special. If Elvis and Johnny Cash had a baby, his name would be Frankie Ballard.


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