EXCLUSIVE: Dierks Bentley talks about the puking incident

DierksPhoto: Dierks.com

Late last week in Hershey, Pennsylvania, a fan wearing a flight attendant costume got the opportunity to go up on stage to sing Drunk On A Plane with Dierks Bentley. She celebrated the fun event by promptly puking all over the stage. 

Thankfully that's not a regular occurrence and Dierks tells Broadway that this was actually the first time someone has puked on stage with him.  

"Yeah, that's the first time that's ever happened. I've been doing this for a while and I've seen people throw up in the crowd and I've seen fights and I've seen blood, but I've never seen puke on the stage."

So what did Dierks think about the whole incident? He was surprisingly excited about it.

"It was pretty awesome to be honest," he said with a chuckle. 

Well alrighty then.

Take a listen to Dierks' full conversation with Broadway about his eventful show below. 


Can't make this up…wait for it… #pukeonaplane

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