Eric Paslay discusses his new single “She Don’t Love You” and Dierks’ Riser Tour

Eric paslay

EMI Nashville recording artist Eric Paslay has just released a fresh song to country radio, "She Don't Love You." He scored his first number one as an artist with the release of "Friday Night" earlier this year. However, keeping count of the number one song's he has co-written? Well, that's a bit more of a challenge.

Eric has co-written songs like Jake Owen's "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" as well as Eli Young Band's "Even If It Breaks Your Heart." Songwriting is a skill that he could do in his sleep, if that were possible. His second single from his self titled debut album titled  "Song About A Girl" reached #11 on the country airplay charts and his newly released single "She Don't Love You" is something to surely brag about. Check out what Eric had to say about his new single as well as being on the Riser Tour with Dierks Bentley.

Take me back to the day you wrote "She Don't Love You." How did the idea come about?

It's been about 2 1/2 years now. I had been writing with Jen Wayne and I had totally forgotten we were going to write that day basically. I had written a couple times already that morning or that afternoon and I was putting up my stuff and Jen calls and says "Hey! Are we going to write?" and I was like "Oh yeah. Sure" as I'm putting my stuff away(laughs) and when I had time to write 2-3 times a day back then it was awesome. She came up and we started writing a song, trying to write a song for George Strait cause he had just announced his Cowboy Rides Away tour and Jen's grandfather is John Wayne so she knows a few things about cowboys. So we were writing one song and then she said "she don't love you" and I said "yeah, she's just lonely" just kind of cuttin' up and realized that's a great song title right there so whatever song we were writing got put on hold and we wrote "She Don't Love You" in probably 45 minutes or so and I just think it sees both sides of a broken heart.

With country radio being a little rough on ballads did you ever think you could be taking a risk by releasing a ballad or did you just go for it and never even question the choice?

I think radio tends to play good songs when they get one and that's what I believe this song is. It's a great song and everyone at radio is loving it right now. I think it touches everybody in such a way that they want to hear it again and I'm a entertainer so you don't always pull the same rabbit out of the hat and expect them to come back to the magic show. The third date you can tell someone why you love the way you do, I figured the first date was a friday night you make sure she wanted to come back and hang out. The second date is making sure she knows all the songs are about her and the third one is letting her know about my past.

How has it been performing the new single live?

It's amazing. I mean, the song isn't really even on country radio yet and there are crowds of people singing along to this song. I think a couple weeks ago is the first time it happened and the band and everyone was just like shocked like man they are already singing along to it. It's a good feeling to know people are connecting with the song, that's why I play music to have people come out and connect and have them mumble it.

I know you have been touring with Dierks Bentley on The Riser tour, how has that been? I imagine it's a little different from sitting in a small room and writing songs all day.

It's awesome, I mean Dierks and Randy are just awesome, just cool people to hang with period. Dierks has included me in a lot of stuff man so it's been a lot of fun. Randy was a little sick last week and I'm a little sick this week but we're still having fun and playing music.

As a entertainer or as a performer, what's your main goal every night that you step out on that stage?

Just make a good memory for people, you know? They are coming out and sharing a night where they could be doing something else and their spending their money so it's just having a moment with them . It's really special to think about this whole year and what's happened especially with thanksgiving coming up. I realize how grateful I am. I had a #1 song come out, I had my album come out and I had another song go to double #1 , #11 (laughs) and now "She Don't Love You" and people connecting with it so much and singing along already, it's pretty cool.

Is there one song in particular fans enjoy the most when you are performing live? I'm guessing "Friday Night" is a fan favorite.

Yeah absolutely. Right now on The Riser tour we play about seven songs and I wouldn't sing them if I didn't love them. So I love every single song but yeah it's fun to hit the home run because everybody cheers louder so yeah I enjoy singing "Friday Night."

Eric also said "If the song isn't powerful enough, It don't matter how bright the lights shine." So in other words, you won't find him running around on stage, shaking his ass or anything like that; however, what you will get is a real meaningful and powerful performance. If you want to check out a live show you can go to for tour dates.

Don't forget to call your local radio station and request "She Don't Love You."

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