Dustin Lynch would rather lose his pants than his hat onstage

Dustin lynch and his hat

Pants are so over-rated – just ask Dustin Lynch. 

During his party earlier this week in Nashville for his very first #1 song, Where It's At, Dustin told the crowd a funny fact about himself: He'd much rather appear on stage without his pants than without his hat. 

“I would rather my pants fall off on stage than this hat,” he said (via The Country Vibe). 

Dustin explained the unusual feeling, “When this hat falls off, if I knock it off myself or do some weird sort of scissor kick jump on stage and it falls off, I feel naked.”

Aside from being a a safety blanket of sorts, Dustin says there's actually a practical use for wearing the hat onstage. 

“It helps too, with all the spotlights and stuff you can kind of cut ‘em out and see people, more so than if you weren’t rockin’ a hat,” he says. “And it helps you not sweat so much. It’s nice.”

Just in case you're wondering, Dustin wears a Resistol hat. He says it was kind of a frustrating process finding just the right one and that when he finally did find it, he found out that it's a model that Resistol doesn't make any longer. Resistol ended up finding him six more in a warehouse and so now he has a very limited supply. I guess I can understand why it's so important to him. 

Check out a video below of him talking about his signature hat.