Country music’s sweethearts Maddie & Tae have quite the image…


Maddie &Tae call out the image that has been painted of modern day country girls in recent country songs. Probably because the girls couldn't be further from that image. The girls are pretty put together. And they're well-matched, since they’re both neat freaks.

“On the road, oh my gosh, it's so awesome,” Maddie says.  “We both have our toiletry bag and then we've got our sections of  PJs and jeans and…  it's just really nice to not have clutter  everywhere… We're both kind of weird in that. We love, like, to be  organized.”

Boy…they sound like quite the catch!

“I  like to cook. It's one of my escapes. Like, working out, cooking, and  this is weird, but cleaning really helps, too,” Maddie confesses. “Oh,  cleaning. Organizing my closet is therapy,” Tae chimes in. “Like  color-coordinating my clothes. Love it.”

This doesn't been high maintenance OR expensive taste either…

“We're  both, like, really frugal and kind of bargain Betties. I got, like, a  bunch of my clothes, that either I just don't wear or don't fit or  whatever. And I went and sold them and made, like, 20 bucks,” Maddie  brags.

Man they sound like the kinda girls I'd hang out with on a Friday night!

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