Billionaire pays big bucks for George Strait guitar, nominates singer for Texan of the year

T Boone Pickens George StraitPhoto: T. Boone Pickens and George Strait/Courtesy PR Newswire

T. Boone Pickens is the billionaire chairman and CEO of BP Capital. He also happens to be a HUGE George Strait fan who strongly believes the singer should be this year's Texan of the Year. To prove his point, he wrote a letter to The Dallas Morning News laying out his case

In the process of nominating King George, Pickens also revealed that he purchased the guitar Strait played at his last tour stop earlier this year in Arlington, Texas and expressed why he felt the $135,000 price tag was well worth the cost. 

He began his letter:

Six months ago, I paid $135,000 for a guitar. An impulse buy? Hardly. Let me explain.

Someone once asked why divorces are so expensive. “Because they are worth it,” is the priceless response.

That’s how I feel about my new guitar. Expensive? Yes. But it was signed by the greatest musical talent of our generation, my good friend George Strait.

On top of that, my $135,000 check wasn’t made out to this native Texan. It went to Park Cities Quail. That’s one of the many reasons I’m nominating George for Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year. This guy is a class act. He’s an incredibly talented performer. And he’s all about helping good causes — wounded warriors, kids in need and, as I just mentioned, wildlife habitat here in the Lone Star State.

The list of qualities the billionaire mentions that make Strait the best choice for Texan of the Year goes on and on. He really does sound like a huge fan. And amazingly, this isn't the first time Pickens has gushed about Strait. Earlier this year, the country singer was awarded The T. Boone Pickens Lifetime Sportsman award, which is presented annually to a sportsman distinguished by a life of adventure, who demonstrates love of the outdoors, respect for natural resources, and a spirit of generosity that makes it possible for future generations to enjoy the sporting life. 

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At the ceremony for that award, Pickens had said of Strait:  “George is a lifelong hunter, fisherman, and world-class roper. George is a true legend and is committed to his life of music, but he also is a wildlife conservationist, and he has the same feelings about quail that I do.”

Well if nothing else, I guess we have our nominee for George Strait Superfan of the Year. 

The Texan of the Year award will be announced later this year.