Turns out there were two beer missiles when Dustin Lynch took one to the face

Dustin Lynch

By now I'm sure everyone's heard that Dustin Lynch got whacked in the face with a beer can over the weekend and ended up going to the hospital for stitches afterwards. Well I started out this post with the goal of writing about why Dustin stayed on stage after getting his face cracked open by the beer can. 

Turns out his Nana was on stage with him and he didn't want to ruin it for her.

“I wanted to finish the show for a couple of reasons. One, my grandmother was on-stage actually. She was sitting in a chair on-stage and we had just finished singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her – myself and all the fans.  So it was a special night because she was there.  And also the crowd was electric. As a whole it was one of the most electric crowds we’ve had in a while and everybody was into all the new songs and I didn’t want this one clown to ruin a great night and a great memory for me and all the fans that came out to support us and, of course, my grandmother. So I decided to continue on with the show without missing a beat – bleeding or not bleeding.”

After finishing my initial post, I went to find video on YouTube of the incident and came across a new one I hadn't seen before and it clearly shows that there were two beers thrown at Dustin that night, one right after the other. Dustin watched the first fly past him as he was spraying the crowd with whatever he was spraying them with before being hit with the second can. 


Eesh. Makes you wonder if the same person threw both after missing the first time or if this was some sort of tag team beer chucking incident. It's almost like country music has it's own grassy knoll but with beer cans. 

Seriously, can we please screen for assholes before concerts start? 

Here's the full video if you'd like to see it.