Trisha Yearwood’s cover for “PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit” is simply stunning, features a surprise

TRisha Yearwood Prizefighter

Trisha Yearwood's recently revealed album cover for her upcoming "PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit" has really hit it out of the ballpark. 


The singer revealed the artwork on her Facebook on Tuesday. 

I'm excited for you to be the first to see the PrizeFighter cd cover!

The song "PrizeFighter" describes for me the fight we all fight, whatever it is. It's the courage to get up every day and give it your best shot, no matter the odds. For me, I learned that strength from my mama, Gwen. She went toe to toe with breast cancer, and though she lost her battle, she fought every step of the way with grace, dignity, humor, and love. She's my prizefighter.

Whatever your battle, whoever your prizefighter is, my hope is that you draw strength from this important message.

The album's called PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit because in life, you're going to throw some punches and you’re going to take some, but it’s the entire fight that defines who you are.

Standin' higher…PrizeFighter

Besides the cover being absolutely stunning, there's also something a little extra special about it … the gloves. 

According to USA Today, the gloves were worn by Sylvester Stallone during the movie Rocky

“When I heard PrizeFighter, the song, for the first time, I kept seeing Rocky Balboa climbing those steps in Philly, with the gloves raised,” says Yearwood.

Having met Stallone, the singer decided to ask the actor for a pair of his gloves from one of the movies — though, she said, she might not be able to return them.

“If everything goes well, those gloves will end up in the Country Music Hall of Fame,” Yearwood says.

“He said the only thing he required was a copy of the CD.”

How cool is that? 

"Prizefighter: Hit After Hit," Trisha's first album in seven years, hits stores November 17. You can preorder the album now on her husband's new digital music site GhostTunes


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