Toby Keith isn’t afraid of ISIS because he’s got the badass military on his side


Toby Keith is a huge supporter of the military and has spent countless hours entertaining the troops over the years on his various USO Tours. But would Toby still consider traveling to the Middle East with the current ISIS threat there? Broadway asked him that very question in a new interview and Toby's answer probably won't surprise anyone. 

"They don't scare me. The 11 years and 200 shows over there with those military cats, I tell you our guys do such a great job," Toby answered in his usual laid-back way.  

ISIS? More like ISISSY, amirite?

Toby also talks about Brandy Clark (who is one of the writers on his new single Drunk Americans) and when fans can expect his next album. Check it out below (or here if that doesn't work).